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I just purchased this little cutie and trying to learn more about it and history of model. I鈥檝e attached pics to depict numbers and such.
Butt end # 470200
Frame: # 66892 U
I would love to learn as much as possible. Thank you for your assistance! Celeste 馃憤馃徏馃檪


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I don't own a Model 37 but I do have a model 37 box (for when I do own a Model 37). Had to check the box to see if yours belongs in it. It doesn't.


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Your Model 37 Chiefs Special Airweight was made in the mid 60鈥檚. There is a gap in information in the book but we know it鈥檚 post 鈥62 and pre 鈥68. Those grips are original from the factory or at least period correct. The gun is in great shape but it does look like someone鈥檚 puppy got to the grips. We鈥檝e seen that before.

Lost in the woods... Hopefully.
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