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Help ID a knife, please

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Anyone know the history of American Blade from Chatanooga TN? I believe they were bought out by Parker in the 1980's. If so, is it possible that Tak Fukata was designing knives for them? Trying to verify my facts, before I start posting pics of one of their knives.... ;)

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almost resembles a SOG Pentagon, made in Seki, Japan. May be one in the same designer?
Giz, which one is better quality? I only have the Sog Seal pup. It's my go to knife around the garage and yard, cuz I don't really like it for anything other than grunt work. It holds an edge, is corrosion resistant (left it stuck in the ground over the winter) and prys and chops like a champ. Let's just say i abuse it.
That would be something if you had a one and only made solely for the show. Definitely a keeper regardless.
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