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Help ID a knife, please

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Anyone know the history of American Blade from Chatanooga TN? I believe they were bought out by Parker in the 1980's. If so, is it possible that Tak Fukata was designing knives for them? Trying to verify my facts, before I start posting pics of one of their knives.... ;)

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Seems he was designing knives for Parker Cutlery about 20yrs or so ago. From what I can find he is still designing knives in Seki Japan. Doesn't seem to be alot of info on him. He has been able to remain under the radar, though most of his work from what I've been able to look at is very nice, it seems alot of his knives are reworks of older patterns. I know this probably doesn't answer any of your questions, as until you mentioned him I have never heard of him, and most of my books have little if any info on his work.

Giz, My wifes the same way, if it passes her aproval its a keeper! Of course she is too!!!!!
Which Gerber copied and called it a MK1, or MKII, I can never keep those two straight.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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