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Um, hello. I'm a gun aholic. And I'd like to admit it.

Recently discovered this S&W forum. Maybe if y'all treat me nice, I'll stay and play a while. I've been on the "other" forum for some time now, but don't feel as welcome as I used to.

The Highlander
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Geez. F150guy, cajunlawyer, wheelgunner840, gizamo, Sebago Son...I've noticed several of the "old" guys over here. You fellers may not remember me, but I sure do recognize a lot of the names here. Haven't been lurking but a little bit, so I may spot a few more familiar names.

Looks like I may not be as "new" here as I thought I would!

The Highlander
Forester said:
Welcome Highlander. I recognize the name. You threatened bodily harm to that guy who called your kilt a dress. :mrgreen:
Uh, well....sore spot I guess!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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