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I live in Cabourg near Deauville ,Ouistreham(D-DAY).
I have other guns:
so, SW 13-3 3"
1 Manurhin 38 Match
1 Beretta 92F
1 Luger P08

MR 38 Match

I was a former military.

I went to Bosnia in an American camp in Tuzzla.

Now I am technician automotive prototype

Sorry, but i don't speak english very well .

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Don't worry about your English. We don't do so good, either.

We speak guns real good! It's sort of an international language.

So, are you gonna bring that .38 to Texas when you visit? What would you bet that I can whip your butt with my Colt Officer's Model Match in .38 Special? ;) I'll even spot you 10 points. :D

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The Manurhin 38 match is one of the best revolver in the world but it is single action :D

So , i came to ANNAPOLIS in 1989=>I was 14 years.

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A welcome from Texas here. welcome01

Don't worry about your English, too many of us in the U. S. only speak one language so we can not criticize. ;)

I only speak Texan.
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