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Haven't shot since 1997 when our (Conservative) govt banned pistols after the shootings at a school in Dunblane, Scotland. Had a S&W 686, M29 Classic, Springfield 45 and a Freedom Arms 454 Casull Premier Grade - could afford the gun but not the factory ammo! :eek: Could have carried on with rifle & or shotgun but didn't really have the interest and thought they would soon be banned anyway, although this hasn't happened; however, the laws have been tightened for these.

I still like to keep abreast of what's happening in the shooting world, which I do through magazines and the internet. Problem is, in the UK, much of this is depressing, with new restrictions and bans here and there. Been thinking about taking up rifle shooting, (I live quite close to Bisley) but (here) its quite an expensive commitment.

Also have an interest in Americana/social commentary - find the lounge interesting!

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Welcome the forum. I am sure you have read up where here in the usa our Obamanation of a president and his fello communists good buddies want to take our guns away like over there.I feel it wont be so easy here but that dont stop there relentless chopping away at our rights.
I would drag up and move to a free country if I were you.
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