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Hello from sunny/snowy Cape Cod

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Hi All,
My friends call me "C"........... I've lurked here on and off for awhile.I'm mostly into foreign milsurps and hang in those forums.But when it comes to handguns I'm a Smith fan,nothing is better to me than a nice blued N frame wheelgun about my age...40-60 yrs. I currently own S&W 1911 (1st) yr.,and a nice 35-1. Still looking for a model 25 to replace my 625 that I sold recently.
This is a great forum...keep up the good work.Hope to post some pics when I figure it out fully...........C
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Hello, C.. Welcome to the forum! welcome01
Welcome C
hope to see some pictures soon!
Welcome from a fellow Cape Codder....
I grew up on the Cape, moved to Maine in 1981...

And your username makes a good deal of sense to someone who's now living "Off Cape" :)

Welcome to the Forum...

Gizamo said:
I grew up on the Cape, moved to Maine in 1981... Giz
C, you can have him back anytime you want.... :lol:

Seriously welcome to this forum.... it's about the friendliest on the web... posting photos here is a snap... hell, even a crusty old dinosaur like me can do it!

Hope to see your snapshots soon.

You might need a passport pretty soon to get on and off Cape, if you can afford the toll............thanks for all the welcomes!
I'm gonna use the Tunnel Pass :mrgreen:

I saw the article about the tolls, but wonder how the Chuckleheads would deal with the traffic snarls....The last Governor (Romney) fixed the rotary and the congestion. The new Govn'r (Deval Patrick) must want things to go back to the way they were. Anyrate, weren't the bridges built with Federal monies back in the 1930's...and maintained by the Army Corp of Engineers?

Sorry for the thread drift...but Taxachusetts is obviously alive and well...again.

Anywho, welcome one more time :D

A heartyy welcome to the forum.
Post often, and enjoy your time spent here!
Hi mashwamp,

A warm welcome to the forum. welcome01

Visit and post often. lsk705

In a few weeks I will be going to Cape cod for my annual fix of Seafood Sam's Artery choking fare. nfiofnp
I keep looking for that tunnel that Giz mentioned every time I go down but the natives must keep it hidden.

Welcome to the forum. Always nice to see another cape Codder here. I am presently hiding out in Florida until the Cape Cod weather gets better !
AH YES!!!! The old "Taxachusetts" is up and running again. :( If Gov. Patrick (a buddy of the big 'O'.) gets his way, we will have higher tolls on the Turnpike, AND the highest gas tax the nation!!!! ;mcp9 :crazy: Bob
Welcome from Texas!
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