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Hello from Idaho

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" Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste..." Well taste anyway. :cry: Been lurking here for a long long time...... Ever get a song stuck in your head? Thanks for all the shared knowledge, great photos and bad jokes. I like to keep things balanced

Thus the single and double actions in 357 , 41Mag and 45 Colt. Simplifies the reloading process. I do however have a craving for a Lew Horton 44 special short barrel. Hanging out here isn't going to help that go away!
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Welcome aboard. Looks like you need a tie breaker. :D
Hello, and welcome to the forum!
Nice collection you've got there...
nugfaong and welcome01
Welcome aboard chutch, What took you so long to join. ;)
Welcome! Sympathy is one of my favorites. I been hearing Charlie Daniels tell Trudy to pick up the telephone or send a letter in the mail ever since I heard that moldy oldie the other day.
Good morning! Welcom aboard. Learn lots, share what you know!
Welcome to the forum.... :mrgreen:
Hi chutch,

A warm welcome to the forum. welcome01

Visit and post often. lsk705
Welcome Chutch nice guns. I see you like rugers as much as smith and wessons.Lots of ruger fans in here to.
" Pleased to meet you! "....oh let it go man. I promise not to post such a crappy picture again. I'm an equal opportunity accumulator, like Remington's and Winchesters as well. Actually if the truth be known I'm out of balance again. Well the collection is at least.
My three screw 357

My stocking stuffer from Christmas USFA SAA 45 Colt
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Beautiful USFA
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. weiweinp
welcome01 to the forum from the sunny and warm Wiregrass!
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