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I just found this forum while looking for the S&W Forum I have been frequenting in the past. I guess something went haywire in their forum move. Anyway, glad I found another one. Can't have too many sources of information!

I retired to Surprise, AZ in 2002 after many years in upstate NY. Unfortunately, I got foolish and sold all my guns and reloading equipment before moving, thinking I would have no further need out here. I soon decided it was such a gun friendly state that I ought to get a CCW and start over with some pistols for carry and range shooting. So, I now have a couple ex-LEO guns, quite well used, but very useable. S&W Mod 19 and a S&W Mod 3913. I am quite close to the Ben Avery shooting range and try to get there most weeks to burn some ammo. I also bought a Dillon Sq. Deal reloader, since the company is located right here in Scottsdale and am happily reloading again.

I probably can't contribute too much, but will no doubt have a few questions.

Best Regards,
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