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Harrington & Richardson Model 300

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Hello, fellow forum members! :D

Question for y'all:

What can you tell me about the Harrington & Richardson Model 300 bolt action rifle?

I've just latched on to one in .22-250 Rem. and it is in near mint condition except for the rear sight. It was removed so that a scope could be mounted.
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Don't know anything about the rifle but Google did turn up these old ads from the following site:

I never knew H&R ever made bolt action and semi-auto rifles.
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Yeah, that's exactly what it looks like. Mauser action, rose-wood accents, but no rear sight. In .22-250 Rem. Mine has a vintage Weaver 6x scope with the tiniest dot I've ever seen on the almost invisible crosshairs. I'm gonna have to get a new scope.
Hello Quarter Cheerokee
What you have is the first series H&R rifle offered. They had the FN Mauser control feed style actions mated with Sako"Made in Finland" Triggers. The barrels were made by Douglas Custom barrels and the stocks were supplied by Fagen. They made the first series of these rifles with the Mauser style actions from 1965-1972. In 1972 They switched the actions to a Sako L-146 style action and those were made until the late 70's time span when H&R ceased making them due to high parts cost. These rifles are pure Tack drivers and in very, very low production making them very sought after... Hammerdown
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