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A good hello to all and a big Thank You to the Administrator of this forum. I have been a gun nut for a long time. I am getting up in years, getting older that is! My first Smith&Wesson was purchased in 1962, a Model 17-2 Blue with 6" barrel. It cost me $82.00 plus tax and was purchased in West Memphis, Arkansas which is across the river from Memphis, TN. You just walked in paid your money and walked out with the pistol. Over the years since then I have purchased the following Smiths:

Model 14-3 Unfired 6" Blue
Model 18-3 Unfired 4" Blue
Model 19-2 My favorite 4" Blue
Model 27-2 Unfired with presentation case and accessories 6" Blue
Model 29-2 Unfired with presentation case and accessories 8-3/8" Blue
Model 34-1 Unfired 4" Blue
Model 60 Unfired, gave to my son. 2" Stainless
Model 63 Unfired 4" Stainless
Model 66 Unfired 4" Stainless

I am the original owner of all the above and all were purchased before 1980. I have sales receipts for all of them as well.

I also have several pairs of grips and spare parts I purchased from Smith&Wesson during the same time period I purchased the pistols.

As I find time I would like to post pictures of them in the appropriate category. I have a cheap camera and not that good at photography but I will try.

I have been a guest on the forum for some time and always enjoy reading the informative posts.

I would like to sell some of these pistols but not sure how to deal with the shipping since I don't have a Federal Firearms License. I do have an 03 Curio & Relic license but it's no good for modern fireams.

I look forward to being a member of the forum and will try and contribute what I can and not be just another knot on the log.

Thanks In Advance For The Welcome, :mrgreen:
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