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Handheld Metal Detector

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Wasn’t sure where to post this but am hoping someone can chime in and give me some advice.

A friend has a birthday coming up and his better half wants me to help her find a handheld metal detector (the type you see people with on the beach etc,). I know nothing about them so would appreciate any input/guidance from anyone here that has one. Thank you in advance!

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Surveyors use a metal detector that locates ferrous material, namely property corners made of pipe and rebar. Treasure detectors locate ferrous and other materials such as nickel, copper etc. I don't know anything about the treasure detector but a good surveyor detector start at about $800. Look for a unit with head phone and a sensitivity meter. Head phones for use in areas with noise meter will give a idea of depth. Good luck on search
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You might check here.
Whites make several good models of metal detectors and they're a very popular brand. I bought a White's Prizm IV several years ago and it's been a good one. They are pricey but in metal detectors you do get what you pay for. I paid about $450 for mine. This model may have come down in price since they make a lot of other models now. I don't like the ones with ear muffs and don't need them since the mine works just fine without them.

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Thank you Rook for sharing your experience. I greatly appreciate it!
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