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Over the last five decades,
I've had the good fortune to have enjoyed the company of a variety of custom handguns.
From my everyday carry to some fancy BBQ sidearms, It's been quite the adventure.
I guess this thread is more of a pictorial, or maybe jest a reminiscence of days gone by.

For just a little short introduction for those that may not have met or know anything about me.
I've been a lawman, a cowboy, a schooler of good horses and pack mules.
As well as a partner in a tool & gage shop. Out of that shop came for the most part some great custom guns.

Back in the day before it was cool to make photographs of guns to show off to our friends and the world wide internet...
It was the social gathering of gun club ranges, gun shows and BBQs. Back before the turn of the century,
I'd always hosted a summer time soiree with BBQ and all the fixin's for neighbors and like minded friends.
The women folk would gather around the house to visit, while the men would gather at the corrals for a lit'l gun showin' and shooting.
It was a good time to be had by all.

So, here we go.
My adventures in the search for a model 24 S&W. In the late 60's & early 70's a 44 Spl Smith was scarce to say the least.
I became acquainted with a smith in an adjacent county that built a few 44 Specials from HDs to model 28s and 27's. Back then
when there were police trade-ins galore at 50 to 75 bucks a pop...It was a poor boy's dream in the road to a 44 Special or 45 Long Colt.

** (As aside note...Many of these revolvers now reside with close personal friends)

One of the first, an HD converted to 44 Spl. (it got a new blue job a few years ago)

A Model 27 that got a up-grade to 44 Spl (later engraved)

An HD converted to 44 Spl.

S&W RM 44 Special & 357 Mag

Pre-War outdoorsman 'tooled up kinda as a triple lock'

Pre-War HD....45 LC & ACP

S&W Model 53....Now aliken to an model 18 in Super Jet

Post-War Outdoorsman converted to 45 Long Colt & ACP

S&W Pre-24 factory five inch, Texas engraved/French nickel finish

S&W Pre-War Outdoorsman converted to 44 Special w/short King action

A Model 27 & 37 with Keith Brown Stocks

S&W Model 520 44

S&W Pre-27 now 45 Long Colt

S&W Post-War Outdoorsman Five inch

S&W Pre-26 dual cylinder 45

Transitional Outdoorsman

To be continued....Lots more to come


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Keith, beautiful work and workmanship.

What is involved in the conversion of these "N" frames? Is it more than changing the cylinder and barrel?

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This revolver has it's own tale to tell....


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You sure have a nice bunch of revolvers......that would make anyone proud to own. Bob
Thank you for saying that.
The larger majority of those handguns are being enjoyed by some of the finest bunch of folks
anyone would could ever be associated with. Several are forum members, both here and on the blue forum.

It's a true pleasure for me to share these works of iron & wood with my friends.
My children already have their share of ol' Dad's treasures. I still carry one of my favorites everyday.
I have no plans to take anything with me when I cross over the divide...Until then, it'll continue to be quite the party !!!


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You do nice work Dave: gunsmithing, leather work & some more of your fine story telling is always a treat. You do the engraving?
I didn't do the engraving.........I tried my hand at it years ago.
Just didn't have the knack for it. I truly wished that I could.

I will confess to carving the Shorthorn Bull's head on the SAA stocks.
A kinda likeness from an old photograph of one of my Dad's bulls.


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An impressive collection of some fine revolvers! Thanks for sharing the pics. Gun porn is the best.:cool:
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