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Gunslick brand foaming bore cleaner

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Picked this stuff up a while back thinking 'snake oil'. I was wrong again. This stuff flat works! ... aners.aspx

It takes some getting used to, the foam expands and will back off into the action and run down into the magazine/action of a rifle if you pull the tube out too fast. I let the stuff work in the barrel about 30 minutes and the stuff turns blue and pushes right out with a patch. It does not stink, has almost no smell at all, and I finish up the barrel with Hoppe's #9 {liberal dose} and if the gun is to be stored, a couple passes with Kroil
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I use something very similar on every used gun I buy when I first bring it home, which is every gun I own since I don't buy new ones..

I want to get the barrels as clean as I can, and get rid of any copper fouling, then switch over to lead. It seems to do a great job, and I've only had to do it once on each gun.
This stuff is like magic after using Barnes X Bullets. Frank
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