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I am in Williamson, Georgia and have the following guns available for sale or trade. Let me know if you are interested in any of them. Pictures are at the links below the descriptions. I can be reached by email at [email protected]. I will do a FTF transaction or can have any gun shipped to your FFL for an additional $11.00. Will look at trades with you adding cash or possibly me adding cash but must be something I really want. Interest varies but not interested in Thompson interchangeable guns, black powder, and bows. I also wanted to note that I am a huge fan of 1911s and will trade for factory set up guns only. I am not interested in custom guns as I cannot assess their value as you would place extra amounts for this work. If your value on the added parts plus the gun is equivalent to the market value of the gun alone, then I would be interested. Let me know what you have and if a trade occurs, each person would be responsible for their own shipping.

LH S&W Model 629-3 – Stainless 44 magnum with 3 inch barrel. Smith combat finger groove grips. Original box and gun has product code: 103610 (Lew Horton). $1000 ... -09028.jpg ... -09029.jpg ... -09030.jpg ... -09031.jpg ... -09032.jpg ... -09033.jpg

S&W Model 27-5 – .357 Magnum has six inch barrel and rubber Smith finger groove grips. Unsure on the round count as I am not the original owner. Gun is extremely nice. $700 ... -09017.jpg ... -09019.jpg ... -09020.jpg ... -09021.jpg ... -09022.jpg

S&W Model 325PD - 6 shot AirLite revolver in .45 ACP caliber. Titanium cylinder and blued scandium frame. Equipped with a lockable action and 2 keys. 2.75" barrel and an outstanding 2 lb trigger. Has Hi Viz sights and a Pachmayr rubber grip with finger grooves. Also comes with nice like new wood grips shown on gun. Extremely strong, but only 25 oz! Comes with moon clips shown in picture, moon clip stripper and loading tools (not shown), and original factory box. Previous owner claimed to have around 1000 rounds fired through gun. $775 ... 5PD007.jpg ... 5PD008.jpg ... 5PD009.jpg ... 5PD010.jpg ... 5PD011.jpg ... 5PD012.jpg

Colt Diamondback – .38 special with a snub nose 2 .5 inch barrel. Excellent condition with turn line. Unsure of the round count on the gun. Colt rubber grips. Butter smooth action. $750 ... -09001.jpg ... -09002.jpg ... -09003.jpg ... -09004.jpg ... -09005.jpg

Taurus Model 85 – .38 special is a good shooter in the snub setup. Good carry gun. $275 ... -09012.jpg ... -09013.jpg ... -09014.jpg ... -09015.jpg ... -09016.jpg

Ruger Model SP-101 – LNIB .357 magnum with a 3 inch barrel. Unsure of the round count. $425 ... -09034.jpg ... -09035.jpg ... -09036.jpg ... -09037.jpg ... -09038.jpg ... -09039.jpg

Springfield Armory Ultra Compact – Mils Spec blued .45 acp with box, papers, and an extra sight that is adjustable. Has the fixed factory sight on it right now. Two magazines and less than 200 rounds fired. $650 ... act001.jpg ... act002.jpg ... act003.jpg

Springfield Armory 1911-A1 - .45 acp stainless loaded variety of the popular 1911. Gun comes with Hogue finger groove rubber grips, paperwork, box and papers, and two magazines. Does not have the original wood grips. Has standard iron sights. Unsure of actual round count on this gun. $775 ... 5PD001.jpg ... 5PD002.jpg ... 5PD003.jpg ... 5PD004.jpg ... 5PD005.jpg ... 5PD006.jpg
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