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Got a little stir crazy and decide to drive to the ATL area to a gun show that used to be a good one. Purpose was to try and sell Peggy's Sig 290 RS that she decided she did not want to keep, wild hope to get some reloading components (said I was crazy) and look for a Ruger Precision rimfire.
Sold the Sig for less that we paid, but a decent deal. Reloading component prices were almost as bad as ammo. Two guys had powder - one wanted $45/pound and one was asking $65. Did not see any buyers. No bullets period. A few primers at astronomical $$. Saw and old carton of CCI small pistol for $200. Did see some people buying 100 count for $10,00. Ammo was available in surprising amounts for some calibers, but priced like we have been seeing at 300 to 500 % over normal. Lowest price I saw on 9mm ball was $45.00 and some people were buying! Glad I stocked up in 2018 and 19.

Finally to the buy . I literally have a safe full of .22 rifles, including some good ones like a Browning T bolt, Weatherby XII and 2 Remington 541's, so I certainly have enough to keep me busy, but last year a guy let me shoot his RPR at the range and I really liked the slick way it ran and as fast as I could work the bolt, I was popping 3" steel discs at 60 yards. I was hooked, but then the Covid mess hit and face to face stuff shut down. I decided I wanted the American flag version and they were really hard to find. Walked by this one at the show because the dealer had the bolt out and on a quick glance it looked like a regular AR which does not interest me at this point. Later I got a better look and really liked the color combo. Made the purchase and a happy level and can't wait to get to the range once i mount a scope. Today is sunny, but it is going to rain tomorrow (8 of the last 11 days have been wet, ) but I should be able to get out later in the week. Burnt bronze color is much better than it looks in the poor pics.
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