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Hello, I recently acquired a pair of Smith & Wesson Revolvers from an Estate and am trying to ID them/learn more about them. They are older S&W .38 CTG's and I believe one is possibly from WWII. Any information regarding their model numbers, age/date of manufacture, history, your thoughts on their overall condition (considering their age) and where I can locate a site to determine estimated value (Blue Book of Gen Values?) would be greatly appreciated.

1. S&M .38 CTG; Serial #: 298390. 6 shot w/ 3" barrel. Came with a leather holster marked "US". The "US" marking reminds me of some Civil War relics.

2. S&M .38 CTG; Serial #: V 580013. 6 shot w/ 4" barrel. Came with a leather holster marked "Hunter". This pistol has a lanyard ring on the bottom of the handle. From what I have read it may be from WWII production based on the "V" in the serial number?


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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