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gritty 17-4 ejector rod function

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I realize this is NOT news to those proficient in the Art of Gunsmithery....but for those of us in the 'slow & cautious' class, exploring what can be accomplished by minimalistic therapy to our little Precious....

My buddy bequeathed me his 17-4. While in basic great shape, he really didn't take much time in the details of non-shooting chores.

Besides the innards under the side plate severely gunked up, the extractor function was always a 'is it gonna work this time' process. While I couldn't actually -see- any grit, opening the crane and pushing the extractor rod always was an effort. I worried something was bent.

So yesterday I took it apart just a bit (short of the lockwork) and dismounted the crane/cylinder assembly.

Cleaned it out with solvent, blew it dry with air hose, applied a modicum of Brownells action lube goo to various bearing surfaces....and voila!!!!

Really SMOOooooOOOOTH functioning crane & extractor rod.

Now, about that trigger spring....(going to my 'smith for that one). Yes, I do have the Book. And yes, I've been thru it with an Armorer buddy who showed me how to do it.

And yes, too many times I've had to take a box of parts in for reassembly.
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m657 said:
And yes, too many times I've had to take a box of parts in for reassembly.
We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. At least today there is many good sources of information to aid us in repairing guns. One of the best tricks today is the use of a digital camera! Sometimes the little things will be over looked, but the camera's eye saves the day!
That is a great tip 500!
re: digital camera :eek: :shock: :lol: :roll:

[sound of one hand smacking forehead]

Thanks for the tip.....where's the "D'OH" icon.....
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