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Greetings from RonJon!

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Greetings from sunny, tropical Southern Minnesota!

I have been a long time member of the other S&W forum and just became aware of this one...So HAD to join up!

I've been reading the rules about picture size for posting here and some have remarked that it's difficult (or a pain) to do. Well, if you are running Windows XP (as I am), the Windows Powertoys has a neat and easy to use "Image Resizer"! I use it all the time to scale down my pics on all my forums before posting them and I like it - VERY pain free! (and the price is FREE too!

Try it - I think you might like it. Just go to the following site and scroll down to "Image Resizer":

And here is a link to instructions and screen images for it:

Nice to meet all of you fellow S&W collectors and enthusiasts!

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Welcome to the forum, RonJon!
And, thanks for the resizing tip..
Welcome and thanks for the excellent tip, RonJon!
Hi RonJon,

A warm welcome to the forum. :ymapplause:

Visit and post often. :ymhug:
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