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Green bags for keeping produce fresh

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The green bags from Cabelas {that they put your purchase in} do the same thing. Barb had a bunch of celery in one for two weeks with no problem. Except when I asked why she bought celery to just keep around for two weeks. You know "the look"? :eh:
That's the answer I got.
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You know "the look"?
Bad move, my friend.. bad move... njgapjgj
Mmmm, Celery and peanutbutter!
'nanner and peanut butter sandwich
Mmm...peanutbutter and sweet pickles....
I ordered a pack of thoes green bags as seen on tv for storing fruits and they are a pos & not wort the money they are a rip off & the fruits still rot in them green bags save your money. :evil:
Peanut butter & bacon sammich....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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