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Great Ammunition from the 1950s and '60s

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Earlier, RdrBill posted a photo of a box of the classic Luballoy 200gr. load for .38 Special. That prompted me to dig out a few boxes of the good old stuff that I still have on hand. I don't necessarily mean the obsolete collector stuff - I'm referring to the stuff you wouldn't mind loading up and shooting once in a blue moon.

.45 acp

.45 Colt

.243 (6mm)

Anybody else get a kick out of loading up the vintage revolver or hunting rifle with vintage ammo?

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Here are a couple of .30-30 boxes. Every few years, I'll load up one of the Marlins and shoot a whitetail with one of these:

The box of Silvertips has some JuJu going. I don't want to boast and break the spell, but that box is well on its way to 20 for 20.

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Cool pictures. I remember shooting with my dad and using that 45 ammo and 30-30 silver tips. thanks01
AAAAacccck! Silvertips! :p

Only good for Vampires..... (or is that Werewolves?)...... :D
That's what I got some for LOL. Besides the fish with really big sharp pointy teeth fognbov

Awhile back, we got into a discussion on another thread about regional brand differences concerning ammunition. Sebago Son noted that any and all Silvertips were avoided by the sage oldtimers up in the NE where he is from and that the Remington Core-Locks were preferred --- the exact opposite of what the old white-haired hunters told me down south where I grew up! :D

I remember watching every one of 'em load up their .30-30s, .300 Savages, and .35 Remingtons with Silvertips. One of 'em even loaded up his .250-3000 with the werewolf-killers! ;)

Hey now that's interesting xtimberman thanks for that bit of history. I know the silver has those antibacterial properties and I thought because of that people would have the notion it might be of some advantage when needed for those stray wolves (possibly rabid ones kubvcabo ). It was only a thought I had, I didn't read any of that in a history book.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!
Sebago Son said:
AAAAacccck! Silvertips! :p

Only good for Vampires..... (or is that Werewolves?)...... :D
I heard that is just an old Maine wives tale! ;)
Just in case someone runs across a vampire and a werewolf on the same day..

Ya' kill a vampire with a wooden stake through the heart. The silver bullets will kill a werewolf. Also a silver knife or sword will work..

Sorry for the thread drift, but I sure don't want any of my forum buddies to be misinformed when it comes to self defense! :lol:
will a sharpened wooden dowel work also???
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