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Very good service from Shop Ruger Dot Com. I figured I'd better be buying some extra 30 round magazines for my Mini 14, in as much as who knows what the future will bring from Sloppy Joe and his anti-firearm zealots.

I could have purchased the usual plastic Mag-Pul magazines (if you can even find them anywhere) But Ruger has the 30 round .223 mags in stock for shipment, so I grabbed 4 of them.

I'm pretty sure that Sloppy Joe and Company will deem any magazine over 5 rounds illegal to possess in the near future so I could be a 'felon in possession' certainly don't worry me at all.

Ordered last Thursday, arrived yesterday. well packaged, shipped UPS. Ruger thoughtfully included a $10.00 gift voucher for my next purchase as well Well made all metal Ruger (trademarked) magazines and Ruger paid the shipping as well.

Lets see, I have 4, 30 rounders, 4 20 rounders, 3 10 rounders and 1 100 round drum now. That should 'tide me over' for a while. One never knows do they?

Need to get busy loading up the 2000 Hornady 55 grain SPBT's I got from Arm and Ally (via Hornady in Grand Island) last month. I have a couple thousand cases already annealed, sized and primed ready to charge and seat pills in and plenty of H335 and H322 to charge them with.

Life is good... so far.
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