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Got around to shooting at 500 yds again

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It was nice this morning, with very little wind so I went out to the 500 yard range to give my new load a try. Winchester brass, Winchester WLR primers, 35 grains of Varget and Hornady 162 grain A-MAX 7MM bullets. These bullets are for a 1-8 twist barrel but they seem to work in my 1-10 twist 7-08 well enough. Five shots from a rest on a table, the first was short by about a foot {my mistake in judging the 69.8 inch drop}
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I was admiring the group anyway and then scrolled down to see the ordnance used to accomplish it. Great shooting!

"Hope you didn't have the target leaned up against the truck when shooting."

Ha, I hope so too or it appears that you took out at least the bottom tank of the radiator and possibly creased the oil pan.
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