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My friend Tim and his wife were in town to visit Tim’s mom for New Years. He has to pass right near Grice Gun Shop which is 65 miles from me and was showing Winchester 296 powder in stock. I asked him to get me a pound. Today I saw Tim for about 10 seconds while I was at Curt’s house. He said ” I left your stuff in the car seat, gotta run.”
When I got to the car this is what I found
Bottle Alcoholic beverage Carmine Drink Bottle cap

Gun Trigger Gun accessory Ammunition Revolver

Here is the Table of contents

Text White Black Paper Black-and-white

Text Photograph White Style Black

If anyone needs to know how to take an Astra, H&R, Armscorp 200, kimber and many others apart, I’m your huckleberry
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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