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got a .38/44 outdoorsman now what?

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ok i picked up the outdoorsman,,,and it figures batterys in the cammera are dead..... :roll:
I've been looking for a "project gun" and this is one.

It's been rode hard & put away wet, barrels been cut to five inches,cosmetically it needs help, and has a chromed hammer & trigger. :? and a little sloppy on lock up.

I was hoping it was a transitional, but just outside of the # range for that..

however it is a five screw, and since all collector value is gone ..
now the question is what to do with it?
do i go back to origional? and have a sweet target gun? or do i go all out and tart this baby up?
i was thinking maybe rechamber to .44 special but i'm likeing the .38/44 idea... it's just something different... hmmmmm.... what to do?
any ideas?
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Check the cylinder to see if .357's will chamber.... this was a common alteration.
nope 357's don't chamber it's .38's only.....
Well..... you could simply lengthen the chambers for a .357, or you could follow the crowd and go the .44 Spl. route, but for something really off the charts you could rechamber to .357/.44 Bain & Davis..... maybe with an extra cylinder in .357 Magnum....
I would tighten it all up maybe re-blue it and shoot the hell out of it.
You have alot of options on your plate right now. As you said, you could restore it to original. You could do the full custom route, like alot of people, and convert it to .44 SPC. Probably very expensive ! If it's worth it to you, that is. Do you want a .44 Spc.?

The route that I would choose would be alot cheaper. Do as Drew mentioned, have the chambers lengthened by 0.1, to accomidate .357, and have the gun refinished. Then, you will have a nice .357. Or, just use it for a shooter, as is. (You should get it checked for safety, first.) You could have it refinished, if you would like, but leave it for
.38 Spc. only. It only depends on the size of your wallet!!! :lol: Bob
i don't know , thinking full restoration, or at least to the best of my abilities... :roll:
I'm already digging into my little bag-o-tricks to see what i come up with....
I'll try to set something up and take some pics as i go and post them down in "smithing"

oh heres the pic's...

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That would sure make a nice one in say, 45 long Colt :mrgreen:

One of my converts,

Su Amigo,
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You sure have some nice guns. I especially like the engraved and converted 3.5" pre-27.

Dave's guns are simply amazing! All of 'em!
Hey Dave ,can we get some pictures of the cylinder and barrel on a 45 Colt conversion?

I'd love to see the barrel wall, and finished cylinder dimensions.

Thanks ,,Allen F.

The barrel is a 1950 .45 cal & cylinder is a re-chambered 1950 .44spl.

Picked these up over on the blue forum last year.

Try to make some better pics...

Su Amigo,

P.S. I've got a 3 1/2" 45LC in the works also. Hope to have it finished mid-summer, maybe. :D
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