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For sale: Simply Rugged beaver tail holster for a J-Frame S&W with up to a 3" barrel. Also includes a beaver tail belt cartridge carrier. The carrier will hold 5 or 6 (2, 2, and 2) extra cartridges. The holster and cartridge slide fit up to a 1 1/2-inch belt. It's a right hand, Silver Dollar Pancake, outside waistband (OWB) holster.

It's a long story, but basically I received this holster along with one made from the tail of a beaver that I shot. This holster for sale here is not from the beaver I shot, but rather from a really nice tail that Simply Rugged already had. I just wanted the holster from the one I shot. So this holster is never used and really, really sharp looking.

On their website, they don't list beaver tail as a material, but their least expensive hide (that isn't cow leather) costs $210 for this holster and the cartridge belt slide is another $50. So this is a $260 value (plus shipping) that I am selling for $110.

That's $110 for the holster and the cartridge belt slide. USPS Priority Mail shipping included.

Simply Rugged's Silver Dollar pancake holster provides plenty of protection for your revolver. Much of the gun is covered, except for the grip for a fast draw. The inside is lined soft to protect your firearm's finish. While this holster is for a 3" barrel, it accommodates a 2" barrel (which is what my J-Frame is) just as well.

I am using my beaver tail holster for my constant carry 2" loaded with a CCI shotshell for cottonmouths and copperheads around here and backed up with four more Hornady Critical Defense .38 Specials. The holster carries easy and light and protects the gun against scrapes. The beaver tail is unique and tough and gives an amazing pattern.

First "I'll take it" here and then payment via PayPal will take it. I'll send my PayPal email via direct message here on the forum, just be sure the address you want the holster shipped to is the same one that comes up with your PayPal payment.

Thanks for looking! Someone is going to get a great deal on a super neat holster!
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