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Freedom Arms- anybody got one or three?

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I know this is a S&W site, but this forum is for anything else, and I know there has got to be some closet Freedom Arms fans. Lets see 'em!
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Gun 4 Fun,
I'm an admirer...Best-made, strongest, most-expensive s.a. out there.
If I shot the s.a.'s more, I'd probably own one.
Neat guns!
I've had one for a while but never took any photos of it. I intend to remedy that!
I came ever so close last Summer ;)

Shot a field grade that a friend owns. Impressed is not the word for it. They are exceptional guns and worth every penny. My understanding is that they have chambered one in the new .327. Like I said, very tempting... :)

I have a premier .454 w/ 7.5" barrel and wood grips...model 83 I think. No pictures though. I bought it new about 12 years ago and paid $1300 or so. Had it out a few months back shooting at a 5 gallon "jerry" can at about 500 yards. I got a few hits, but it was tough!!
This is a poor picture of my Premier Grade model 83. It's a .475 Linebaugh. As you can see it has an octagonal barrel, 2X Leupold EER scope, Warne rings and a SSK T'SOB mount. I haven't had a chance to shoot it a lot, but it is extremely accurate. ^:)^

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Very nice - I really like the way the octagonal barrel option looks on yours!

I'd really like to have one, but not one chambered in of the behemoth cartridges. I'd like one of the small-frame 5-shots with a short barrel and chambered in .44 Sp. or maybe .45 Colt.

Actually, shooting this one with light loads is like shooting mid range .44 mag loads. It lets you know you shot it, but it's really fun, and can be done for long periods without fatigue.

I am wanting a model 97 (smaller version) in.44 special too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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