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found a redhawk today

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:D NIB 357 5 1/2".I have been looking for years :D

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Now those are some beasts! I saw one at a local show years ago but didn't buy it.. tnbtlaa

Oh, well. I'd like one of the new ones with a 4" tube in 45 colt. Maybe one day.
iirc less than 6,000 made :shock: like I say I have been looking for years for a 357 or a 41 mag.never thought I would find one stashed away NIB.
before y'all ask yes I am going to shoot it....alot :lol:
I've always felt that the older RedHawk's were given less then fair play by the gunwriters. They are everything you could want in any magnum gun. Strong DA's that have plenty of meat in the right areas. You rarely hear mention of endshake with these puppies. And then, only after a steady diet of full house magnums and Ruger only loads that would rattle most other guns to death.

Triggers are a work in progress sometimes...but a proper tune makes them run like a finely tuned clock...

Good on you, Amigo :)

I love to find a NIB older gun. You pay a premium price(At least I have, on one occasion. ) but get a new gun, at a lower price than the current new production guns. That Redhawk is beautiful! I prefer .357. It's enough gun for most situations, and doesn't abuse you in the process. ;) Bob
Red hawks are very popular where I come from.They are built like a tank and you can load them up to stop freight trains.
You'll blow primers and split casings before you blow that one up!
Leighton said:
You'll blow primers and split casings before you blow that one up!
Well, yes and no...I had a Redhawk .45LC 5.5" barrel, and it would split cases due to the chambers being oversized, even with mild loads!! This was on a factory fresh gun too!! Since I had/have a Freedom Arms .454 Casull, I decided that I didn't need a "mere" :shock: .45 LC so I sold it off!
Thats why I want a 460. I will have a 45 long colt a 454 casull and a 460 for them big critters a little further off all in one gun.
I wouldnt mind getting a redhawk though for my run around the woods fishing and stuff gun.
Leighton said:
You'll blow primers and split casings before you blow that one up!
yup I got it out with the 173 gr is a seemed the faster I pushed it the better it grouped.
:D :D

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One of the guys I was stationed with in Germany had one and handloaded for it. He really loved to load them hot. I wasn't into handloading then so I don't know what he was shooting in those, but everytime we went to the indoor range I always made sure I had earplugs along with earmuffs too. Even then it was loud!!!!! When you fired it you knew you were holding on to something mean. Every shot would light up the range. It always amazed me when looking over her afterwards, there was never any flame cutting, she locked up tight, and after cleaning looked NIB.
I've never admitted this on any forum, but the one gun I want back is my first DA 44 magnum, a stainless Redhawk 20 or more years ago now. I replaced the ramp/WO sights with the V bladed rear that had a white vertical line in the center, and the small gold bead for the front sight. It took me a while to get it right, but after I did all you had to do was hold that bead on top of the white line, and anything out to 70 yards was hit exactly where the sights rested. I've never shot a more accurate/easy set of iron sights in any handgun. If I could find one equipped with them I would buy it in a second.
Geoff, Isn't it amazing how we set a gun up right, then get rid of it. only to find.....that, maybe, we should have kept it?

Right now , I am considering selling my 4" M-10-8 with Red Dot sight, that I worked over to get just right for shooting bowling pins, and other competitions. Since I didn't join the club that sponsers all the competitions, afterall, I no longer shoot this gun. I wonder if I'm going to have "seller's remorse", when it's gone. I don't think so.

But, the money was used to buy a nice old Mauser .30-06. An equally useless rifle for me, but, something that I've always wanted! It is a great shooter, and I'm glad I bought it. Good-by M-10. :? Bob
xtimberman said:
Gad! That is one "beefy" cylinder! :lol:

:lol: :lol: lots of steel and NO LOCK :lol: :lol:

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