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Awhile back I posted a picture of some humorous gun sights.........front sight is a hand with the middle finger extended and the rear sight is a hand with the thumb & fore finger creating the circle of ok, good, etc. The base is a Picatinny mount. I thought they could bring some humor to an otherwise serious firearm, while actually being a viable sighting system.

Well, I ordered a set and since receiving them methinks they are better suited to being "Conversation Piece" than an actual sighting system.....




They are much larger than I thought they'd be.....The rear aperture is a big circle and in my opinion too big to accurately position the front sight in the picture (when aiming).....The front sight finger is highly subject to being bumped and subsequently sight adjustments either (maybe viable if used with adjustable base/rail).

Indeed, they are novel and make you chuckle. Maybe a good photo prop. I put them on a shelf with man-cave type nick-knacks.
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