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I've been practicing every day with my M&P 22 Compact, trying to groove manual safety use. My Sig P365 has a very similar safety, and I'm trying to adjust to using the safety for appendix carry. I'm still practicing from a 4:00 holster position since I'm not confident enough to go live fire AIWB, but that's the goal.

Today after a hundred or so rounds (one at a time from the holster, with a timer so there would be some pressure), the pistol would not fire a round. I stopped immediately and cleared the pistol and began looking for the problem. It was at this point I discovered that you can pull on the trigger without disengaging the trigger block, if your finger is too high.

Keeping in mind that this was one failure in 1000 or so rounds fired, it makes me reluctant to select any pistol with a hinged trigger as a self defense weapon. Pressure from a timer would be nothing when compared to a self defense situation. I have felt the blocked trigger before, but thought I was imagining the problem.

I love revolvers...
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