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We got out yesterday and spent about 4 hours at the shale pit. We started off with Pistols, then went to 50 yards for rifles. Here is the handgun selection for the day.
I brought my 2.5 and 3 inch 686’s, my 64-3 and my 442. Curt had his 9mm Shield, 625 JM and his model 19
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Curt brought the swinging target stand
Wood Gas Grass Road surface Asphalt

Here it is cocked & ready to go. You pull the rope, which yanks the prop pipe out and starts it swinging. We put another target stand in front so you have to shoot when it peeks out from behind it. We had a target to the left also. Shooter would engage that first and while doing so, the other guy activates the moving target. Here Curt is running the course
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People in nature Sky Plant Tree Slope

My turn
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Here Curt is shooting his model 19
Land lot Plant Tree Grass Shooting range

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We did some regular target shooting too. Curt let me shoot his model 19 and it is right on
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Had not shot my model 64 in quite a while. With 158 grain ammo it does the job. Off hand at 25 feet
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7 shot, 686 plus
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Me shooting my 2.5” model 686
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I think this is the only time I have had the 2.5 and 3 inch 686’s out at the same time. It was hard to tell which you were shooting without looking. I have worked on these so that the trigger pull is pretty close to the same on both
I’ll cover the rifle portion of our range day in another post
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