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I need help with misfires with new barrel on my M-41

S W model 41 barrel number 3948 stamped in the underside has served me well for many years.
But my shooting club shoots red dot so I purchased a barrel tapped to accept a pica tinny rail to mount the red dot site on.
The firing pin does not strike the .22 brass, leaving no mark when it miss fires.

Last summer I ordered from Smith and Wesson parts a new firing pin, firing pin-spring and main spring and something else that was suggested by whom took my order but what exactly it was eludes me at this time.
The new parts installed made no difference. If anything it has gotten worse!

I visual inspection the only difference I see between the barrels is the letters Smith and Wesson and model 41 are printed on the new stock, while the original is stamped deep into the sides of the barrel.
The arched block toward the rear, just in front of the ramp for the bullet, underside of the old barrel that arched piece comes to a point while the New barrel is flush and squared.
The old barrel site is an add on to the rear of the barrel / while the new barrel the site is cut in and mounts like most front sites that are pressed in from one side.

It is operant to me that this newer barrel might need to be fitted with a new style firing pin? When I look at the spent brass when I shoot using the old barrel the mark on the brass if deep from the pin striking it. But very slight with the new barrel.

Where do I go from here?

It used to be only miss-fire once an outing, but now the gun miss-fires with every clip- happens ever third of fourth round and every next to last round.
My score has dropped drastically for lack of focus.
I have tried every thing what do you suggest?

Robert Young
[email protected]

First of all did you install the firing pin and spring correctly.Check your firing pin for length or damaged tip or worse a broken firing pin.Check operation by manually pushing the firing pin "tail" from the hammer end and making sure it moves freely.Look at the ends of the pin holding the firing pin assembly. One side is crowned and the other is cupped. To drive out the pin, push from the cupped end.Note that one side of the firing pin is flat and must align with the pin's hole for the temporary (or final) pin to be inserted. When in position, the firing pin will have a small amount of pressure on it from the firing pin spring, and must be held in that position while putting the block back into the gun.If you have dry fired the pistol you could have damaged the edge of the chamber.The divot on the end of the barrel will create a condition where the .22 casing is not supported sufficiently to allow for ignition.

Just my 2c


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Hi. It sounds Like the New Barrel May Not Be Locking into Place correctly in order for the Firing pin to Strike the cartridge properly. Compare the locking arches on the old and new Barrels for a Difference in Cut and Size. The New Barrel May Not Fit Properly and May need to Be Altered to Fit an older Receiver to Function Correctly. Don...
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