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A while back (4months ago) I informed you all of how the firing pin on my 66-2 broke. Well I am happy to say it IS back home where it belongs and as good as new. Going to take it out to the range tomorrow so Jonesy814 and I can give it a nice work out and then make it my EDC as before. Range report will follow.:cool:

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Was a little bummed at my gunsmith for taking so long and thought I might get a discount on the charge for the repair, but no luck.
Curt, may not be all the GS fault as I had my 627 in for some parts to retain the cylinder in (my fault for losing them) and took 8 weeks to get parts in. Guess the virus took a toll as a lot of the parts warehouses old and new are in Dem controlled cities. As they said at least you got it back. Just enjoy it now.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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