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Finally shot the Model 27

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I took my Model 27-2 out today in the cold (was about 20 at the range) with my handloads (170 grain SWC over 6.0 grains Unique). I sighted in with some .38 Special +P's at 25 yards. It turned on it was nearly dead on. Then I warmed up to the .357's. Nice handload, that 170 grain was doing 1000 fps (average) when it left that 5-inch barrel. Next to no recoil at all, and literally half inch groups. Can't post pics because I am on my work computer, and the one in my home died yesterday. (Eight years old, time for a new one). Once everything is up and running, will get some pics of the target.
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Hey David ,
Thats great shootin and reloading !! This winter stinks for shootin outdoors but I hate to shoot inside !! :(

We can`t wait too long for pics tho !! Some guy`s here are very impatiant !! :lol:

Its not me but I figured I`d warn ya !! :ymdevil:
david don't you love it when every thing comes together. :)
It doesn't come as a surprise to me that you are finding your 27-2 to be so accurate. I have a number of .357s, and when I tested them, my 35 yr. old 27-2 was the most accurate of the group which included a 627-5PC.
David, I'm not surprised either. My 27-2 is one of my best shooters too. I bought mine at a sporting goods auction where they auction off guns confiscated by the Maine Warden Service and the Maine DEA. I paid the ripe sum of $300 for it. :lol: It is one of my go to guns when I head to the steel plate range.

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