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This is the second Turkish shotgun import that I have bought. Guys, I have to say that is extremely well made and the Turkish walnut is 2nd to none.
I have to totally agree here.

I was in Academy Sports one day shopping for some folding chairs when I saw a short 20 gauge semi-auto with some of the most awesome figured walnut I'd ever seen.

It turned out to be a Turkish made Hatsan "Escort" SA.

MSRP is $535 but they had it on sale for $299 and it went home with me that day.

Hatsan is a ISO 9000 rated company with state of the art CNC work stations and high quality craftsmen.

Many of the finest Italian (Beretta, Bennelli etc.) and American (Mossberg, Stoeger etc.) shotguns are being made in Turkey now.
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