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few questions on the 639

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I picked one up in a trade last week.

The pistol has never been a carry or been fired allot.

Wood grips are perfect and even had a unopened factory cleaning kit in the box.

How can I tell the year it was made?

Are any night sights for the rear adjustable made?

My only gripe with this gun is its to nice to carry.

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If you post the serial number we can tell you the year of manufacture from that information.

I had a 639 in that condition, too pretty to use/fire. Besides, I had an old no dash 39 to shoot. It became a safe queen, so I traded it off for a 3" 625-3 (one of my better trades I must say!).

One way to tell vintage is by the trigger guard. The first 639s had a rounded trigger guard, up till about 1984 I believe. After that, they all had the squared off trigger guards like the 2nd generation S&W autos with 4 digit model #s (eg: 6906, 4506, etc). Of course, posting the serial # will enable us to tell you the exact year of manufacture.

By the way: welcome to the forum!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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