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When first I began reloading, I bought Federal Hi-Power .30-06 ammunition because Schwegmanns sold it for $9/box, which in 1979 New Orleans was a good price. I shot the flying hound out of it! It worked just as well as Winchester (which I could rarely afford) and Remington. Over many years of shooting I never noticed any difference in the different brands of brass except that Winchester brass appeared to have a greater internal volume since with equal loads, the primers seemed to show less pressure indications. Accuracy, etc. with properly prepared brass was equal, regardless of the brass used. In 1996 I bought a Remington SF-VS in .308 Winchester. Over the next 9 years I fired many many thousands of rounds through that rifle. Other than 200 Remington factory loads, all rounds were handloads. I used Remington brass. The only problem I ever experienced with this rifle was with loads using Federal Gold Medal Match brass. Using identical procedures and components, the FGMM brass simply would not stand more than two loadings before the primer pocket would loosen to the point that a new primer could be seated with almost no pressure at all on the handle of the Lee Auto-Primer tool that I used. This occurred only with the FGMM brass. Remington bulk brass bought at the exact same time gave no problems at all. That is the only time in 30 years that I have ever had a problem with Federal brass.
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