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federal nyclad 125 grain hp or federal personal defence 110

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John Is this load for 357 or 38 spl.
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Did you find the new nyclads? I have been looking for them but no one has them for sale yet?
Were it me, and I had to chose between those rounds you indicate, I'd use the heavier Nyclads.

But if you look at the tables here you can see that the stats indicate some rounds yield better self defense performance than either of the loads you mention. ... Weight=All

My personal choice in a 2" or 3" .38 Special is the 158 Grn Lead Hollow Point +P if you can find any....

Take this advise with a grain of salt. I agree with Drew. If I owned the revolver I'd tote it with a good brand of +P 158 grain ammunition whether it's rated for +P or not. All my 2-inch and 4-inch .38 Specials are so loaded when in use for personal protection. It hits hard and has a good reputation, both in print and in my observations of the use of it afield.

If I was concerned about Smith & Wesson's caution then I'd be happy with any standard velocity 158 grain semi-wadcutter ammunition.
Do they make 22 +p? :geek:
...same advice as I always give.

Carry the one you shoot the best in your gun. kfjdrfirii
These days the better advice is carry the one you can actually buy... :mrgreen:

Hi performance ammo is in such short supply you probably won't have a choice just now...


Y'all are familiar with Erich's sigline, I assume ...

Quibbling over the difference between 125 vs. 110 grain bullets is probably little more than mental gymnastics. Now, having said that ... I've found myself migrating to heavier loads, hearkening back to my physics lessons of inertia.

Bottom line is probably what Chuck said though, whatever you can find!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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