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Favorite Shotgun for HD?

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What do you guys recommend for a "relatively inexpensive", yet rock solid reliable shotgun for home defense. Be specific (gauge, barrel length & model#) please?

Thanks! :D

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Stevens 311 side-by-side, but don't follow in my footsteps. Get an 870, that's what I bought my wife.
normamag said:
this is old school

We used to have an old Hardware store in town, and the owner was a class III dealer, of course at my young age I didn't know anything about that, but always stopped in there every time I rode my bike to town to look at his window display. He had one of those in there along with a Browning Air cooled machinegun, and other nice toys. This was in the early 60's, and a very small quiet southern town, where you could leavee your door's unlocked, and everyone knew everyone. That old hardware store is now some posh little coffeshop, even the old barbershop is gone. I miss my old town, and wish I could have it back!
You would be surprised at how many people don't know what that is.
I sure do, my dad started me off with Gun Digest when I was 7yrs old (1966), and I've gotten them every year since. So I've got a fairly large collection. Plus I've gotten other gun books to expand my knowledge of firearms.

biakal bounty hunter 12ga coachgun or stoeger 20 ga coachgun
Coolness, combined with function. Difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

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