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Excellent Price for 9mm FMJs

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For 9mm Luger reloaders: ... 51000.html

This is an excellent price for 9mm 115gr. FMJs - unknown brand - and the price INCLUDES SHIPPING. I've bought jacketed bullets from him before and sometimes if you ask he will cut shipping costs on greater amounts since he ships in a USPS Flat-Rate box.

I just ordered 1000 for myself.

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Dang that is CHEAP for jacketed. I am shooting 115 gr. lead in my 9mm at $40/1000.
My batch of 1000 9mm FMJ bullets arrived today in a USPS Flat Rate box, and I'm very pleased. They are not milsurp pulldowns as they do not have the marks on the jacketing from that operation. I scratched the jacket material on one, and it looks like real copper alloy, not some copperplated white metal or steel.

I probably should order more, as this price for Real FMJs won't last.

I bought a few thousand of these last week... shipping was very fast... excellent service and a great price...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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