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I'd love to hear stories about how you've gotten younger generations interested in collecting and appreciating S&W revolvers. My teenage boys enjoy shooting. They've had the most exposure to my milsurp collection (they really love the M1 Garands), but their understanding and appreciation of S&W revolvers is growing.

I hope that this hobby will thrive with future generations, even in the midst of trends toward polymer guns with red dot sights. What do you all see happening? What success stories do you have?

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Hey Bay,

Youngest son (age 34) has developed a real case of "ROUNDGUNITIS"! (He is USCG)

He has a 22 & 38/357 Ruger CowBoy Revolvers.

An 1873 "repop" in 38/357, as well as the Marlin & Henry in 38/357.

A Model 18 (w/underlug), a "Competitor" in 38/357, a 7" Un Fluted 7 shooter 686, a 627 V Comp, and of course a Kimber 1911.

Two of which are above pictured, along with my PPC Official Police in .22.. (you being new and all, you may not have seen one like that, before) :LOL:

Later, Mark

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I teach the NRA courses and our state's concealed carry qualification courses.

Many of my students are younger. I often bring a shooter Luger to classes, along with a variety of handguns so students can try different types. The Luger often cinches the interest in handgun shooting.

I also help with high power rifle competition (both NRA and CMP courses of fire) at our club. If firing a M1 Garand doesn't get your attention, nothing will...
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