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End of Year Range Day, Dec. 28,2020

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Curt had Monday off, and it was a whopping 32 degrees out, perfect for a trip to the shale pit.
I took my model 15 and my 3”, 686. Curt had his 4” M28 and his model 67.
Gun Product Brown Firearm Trigger

Here is Curt shooting his 67

Winter Snow Freezing Shooting Personal protective equipment
Winter Freezing Snow Geological phenomenon Glacial landform

Here I am shooting his m28
Winter Freezing Snow Slope Glacial landform

Had a good day and both shot well especially considering the conditions. My model 15 continues to be a a good shooting gun. Here are 6 shots offhand from 30 feet
Red Pattern Colorfulness Pink Rectangle

We only shot an hour. The wind was picking up and temps were dropping. The high today was 26 degrees
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Last range day 🤔! I may wait until midnight of the 31st, step outside into a balmy 0 F night, and “torch” one off in the general direction of my 300 yard target. I’ve never fired my 460 XVR at may be worth the “price of admission”! 😉 memtb
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Oh! The lighter the bullet....the bigger the FIREBALL!
Lightest bullet I have is a 300 grain bullet light load with fast burning powder......the other load......a 400 grainer! So, probably not a lot of pyrotechnics effect to enjoy 🤬 but, it is loud! 😁 memtb
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For the pyrotechnic effect, do you think that a bunch of 50 BMG powder beneath my 400 grain bullet in my 460 would get the desired effect? memtb
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