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Hey All, I been taking info from this forum for a while but really had nothing to give back until now. I was looking for an ambi. safety and there are few choices out there, and a regular AR safety won't fit due to the additional thickness of the receiver (or so I read here).

I was looking for something I could flip on/off without adjusting my grip, I also wanted a short throw (45 degree) which might fit the bill (I still might try one).

However, I ran across the Elftmann push-button safety and thought it might work, worse case scenario it would be recessed slightly into the frame due to the frame (receiver) thickness. They are not particularly expensive at around $37 and thought if it does not work I'll install it on a standard AR.

I installed it today and am very satisfied! The push button(s) sit flush (not recessed) on the 'in' side and is plenty proud of the receiver on the 'out' side. I used the S&W stock detent pin (or whatever it's called) as it seemed to give a little smoother operation (the Elftmann pin is a little stiff and very positive when going from fire to safe. I suppose the S&W may feel slightly mushy by comparison but I prefer the ease of operation.

One caution: when in the fire position, the safety can overtravel ever so slightly, maybe .002 - .004 in. This will stop the trigger from being pulled unless you slightly push the plunger back the the safe side. However... if you have the upper and lower apart and yours does this, you can see where it hits and slightly file a bevel on the edge of the safety allowing the trigger to hit the bevel, thereby pushing the safety selector to the position the stops the interference. Depending upon tolerances yours may not do this, or could do it worse. I was not using a stock trigger, but one from a different AR.

Sorry - I do not know how to post pix but would be happy to send one to someone to post for me (or tell me how to post a pic). If anyone does this I would be curious to see if it work with the stock trigger.

No affiliation w/ Elftmann, not paid promotion etc...
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