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Little Johnnie's teacher asked the class what is Easter?
One little girl said that Easter is when you're Mom makes a big meal with roast turkey, dressing and all the family comes over.
The teacher says I think that's Thanksgiving. Anybody else know what Easter is?
A boy in the back said Easter is when you decorate a pine tree and Santy brings presents.
The teacher said that's Christmas! Doesn't anybody know what Easter is?
Little Johnnie says Easter is when they took this Jesus feller and put him on a cross.
The teacher says Very good John...please continue!
Well then they put Jesus in a hole and put a big rock over it.
Teacher: Very Good! Continue John.
Well then there was thunder & lightning and the rock rolled away....The guy came out and looked around.....then went back in his hole and we had 6 more weeks of Winter! :eek:
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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