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I'm Dave, go by Dutch... nickname I picked up in Australia... anyway moving on.
Living in Boise, Idaho been here about ten years now, it's good... kinda grows on ya.
Mostly a 1911 guy gone revolver nuts all of a sudden. I have this thing with blued guns and throw backs from years gone by... it's a soul issue I think.
Firearms Instructor for Idaho P.O.S.T.
Looking to get my NRA Law Enforcement Certification next year.
Extended history in the tactical area so on and so forth.
Just picked up my new Betty today in 586 (no dash), pictures soon to follow.
Hopefully be able to throw some lead down range tomorrow as I have a few days off work.
Glad to be here, ya'll seem like kind folk!
Looking forward to getting know you...



1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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