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This is possibly hypothetical: if something were to 'happen' with no warning (quite common), nobody in my family or friends wants any of my handguns, other than to sell for cash: also have two Sig P6, P225 ('87), Walther P99 and CZ PCR.
This context is provided because all of them are DA/SA (the P99's first shot can be either type) and...

* the others have no mag safeties.

The chance that the next owner of my 5906 would even Know about the original mag safety function could be slim to zero, and the totally unfamiliar shooters might think that the mag in the gun makes it safe...."mag. safety"....

Possibly leaving the safety in could prevent a tragic mistake.
> What's the typical perspective for those who have no idea who will own their guns, unless they are sold while you are still healthy and rational?<< I'm 64 and healthy.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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