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Nice Combat, very nice :D ...

Have owned 3 FALs over the years, an FN 50.00 and later an FN 50.63. Both went away in foolish, OK stupid, trades for I don't remember what :cry:

Picked up an SAR 48 Match (Bush) 20+ years ago, added an ARMS topcover and Leupold Tactical. Off a ruck it'll shoot near a minute w/ FGMM.

Last year picked up a complete DSA Para lower, new bolt assembly and Para topcover. Haven't switched back and forth yet, but that's the intention anyway.

The FAL is a great platform, should make all the folks who complain about the AR happy. Full battle rifle caliber, piston driven and without the M14 baggage. Uhmmm, maybe we should have adopted it when we had a chance 50+ years ago :shock: :mrgreen:
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