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Hey Moe,


What a well housed FOURSOME!

Later, Mark
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Those are all the original wood grips as well.

The 629 came with Hogue grips so my pacs see almost correct.

My model 69 was in the tool box and by SW 500 4 inch is at the store waiting to be picked up.

Can't wait to have them all in one place!

Thanks for the love.


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Looks awesome! I would probably add some labels but ... I'm a museum guy. Doest have to be expensive. Print them on any old printer and then cut it out and glue it to some foam core.

"19XX Smith and Wesson
model xx"
Even better if it had some cool moniker like distinguished magnum or highway patrolman or some such

You can get the pins they use on those name tags cheap and just glue it to the foam core. This way if you change guns just un pin the label and put a new one.

Just a thought to give it a little something extra
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