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Well, it went better than expected as I'd never replaced a pinned front sight. My eyes couldn't make out the Patridge sight very well, so I went with the HIVIZ green fiber optic like I have on my M610 which I really like. I read up on how to install it and watched a couple of utoob vids before starting. I did have to obtain the #54 drill bit and collets for my rotary tool, and I had to "turn" my own brass pin punch, but one thing I'll do different next time is to use the polymer head on my hammer to coax the old sight out of the slot so as not to round off its corners. The metal of the factory sight is very soft! Lesson learned. Man, what a difference in the sight picture! Now I'm ready to swap out the sights on my S&W 460V which is doublet pinned.

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