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It seems hard to believe, but is it possible that the CDC and FDA deep state operatives (so well ensconced in their jobs) used their bureaucratic power and structure to suppress development and deployment of Covid-19 testing kits?

Today's 3/29/2020 episode of NPR's "Planet Money" made it clear that private labs across the nation and many state and county labs were prepared to do Covid-19 testing weeks before the CDC and FDA authorized them to do so. In fact, some labs did the testing anyway in this emergency.

The Chinese released details of the gene sequence of Covid-19 on January 11th. By the end of January, a lab in Berlin had developed a test.

By the second week of February, testing protocols were developed by CDC for the USA, and one of the three approved and released by the CDC proved to not work properly in a large portion of the laboratories it was being tested in. By 2/27/2020 the CDC announced that they had resolved the problem:

From the end of January until 2/27/2020, CDC and FDA did not authorize private laboratories to test for Covid-19 even though they had working tests, and it took time after that to process applications.

An executive order from the President had to be ordered CDC and FDA to expedite the applications. This was done 3/18/2020:

Did the bureaucracy of the deep state fumble this, and then add unnecessary delays to testing?

We know from the experience in Korea that early widespread testing (of more than just those with symptoms) and contact tracing worked successfully to contain the epidemic there. We're finally ramping up testing in the USA now, but it's still not widespread enough to follow that strategy, therefore we have state, county and city governments ordering lock down stay at home orders.
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